On top of all those free comics you can get your filthy little unwashed mitts on tomorrow, comics creators will be swarming comic shops worldwide in order to sign, sketch, smile and hug their way through the entire comic book fandom on Earth. Also, you never know if Wolverine or The Punisher will show up. But who will be where? What’ll be going on near you?



The Free Comic Book Day website has a fairly comprehensive list of all the stores participating, and who you’ll find where. You can find their guide here, which focuses mainly on American and Canadian stores – although also points out the wealth of comics talent residing in the Philippines!

That’s not a comprehensive list, however – for one thing, it misses out the UK entirely! – so I’ve been trying to find out where else people will be. And to that, so far I’ve found specific event lists for the various creators from Action LabsArchaiaBoomDC Comics, Oni Press, and Zenoscope. There’s also a 2000AD signing happening at the Forbidden Planet in London.

As well as all that, the wonderful people at www.howtolovecomics.com have compiled lists for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, the USA and Turkey.

If you’re in France? Well, follow the wisdom of the mighty Yanick Paquette!


If you’re in Glasgow (tha’s be Glasgae tae yeh) then The Geek Retreat will be celebrating their grand opening on Saturday – go have a look!

Dubai! You’ll also be able to pick up comics this year, by heading over to the Kinokuniya BookStore in Dubai Mall – I’ve been there! Lovely store.

On top of this, Saturday will also see the Oxford Children’s Comics Festival, which is where I’ll be on the day. I’ve never published a comic myself, although I’m willing to sign your baby if you want. It’s a busy day in the UK, as Japanorama will also be happening this weekend, and Emma Vieceli will be waiting for you there! As will many other creators.


I’ll keep updating this page as more information comes through – hopefully wherever you are, you’ll find something fun to do! 


  1. I’ve got two signings on FCBD.

    First I’ll be at AW YEAH COMICS in Skokie, Ill., with Strawberry Shortcake co-writer Meredith Lissau and store owner/comics guru Art Baltazar from 10-noon.

    Second I’ll be driving west to COMIX REVOLUTION in Mt. Prospect, Ill., from 2-4ish.

    I’ll have copies of Strawberry Shortcake, The Best of Omega Comics Presents, Criminal Element and other books on hand. See you there!

  2. Absolutely nothing was happening at my local comic shop. No free comics on Free Comic Book Day. Only a few of that week’s comics were still there. I mention this just to say that while yes, everybody should support their excellent local comic book shop, some of us don’t have an excellent shop to support. We have an awful shop whose staff know nothing about comics. And that’s why we shop at Amazon; not just because it’s cheaper, but because it’s also a lot better.

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