Rebecca Kraatz’s HOUSE OF SUGAR, which Hope Larson is planning to publish, had been rejected by Diamond. This isn’t a rallying cry, just an observation.


  1. It is interesting to see how books of note such as House of Sugar and Paper Rad find a way to the market (and usually great success as well) even without Diamond’s distribution. I’m betting Diamond will eventually need books like House of Sugar a lot more than independent comics will need Diamond.

  2. Thanks for pointing me towards this wonderful strip. I tend to rely on blogs to point me towards webstrips rather than relying on some of the feed sites as so much is relatively worthless.

    This is a beautiful strip and I’ve book marked the site so I can keep track of when the book is published. I’ll hopefully get it through Page 45.

    And Marz is so right, Diamond will need these sorts of books very soon.

  3. The rejection form-letter is interesting. As someone who’ll be submitting to Diamond soon (and for whom their market is a fairly important part of my publishing plans), it offers a few red flags of things to avoid that would make it easier for them to turn down the book (e.g. non-standard format).