You can read updates from Lea herself at her LiveJournal. In good news, the two outdoor cats have been rescued.
Zeus Comics has a PayPal button and more importantly has set up CAPE 2.5 on September 30th:

It’ll be a live art show at the Metro Grill in Dallas. All proceeds from the event will go directly to Lea Hernandez and her family. We’ve got a few local artists already signed on to help — namely Brock Rizy ( and Kristian Donaldson (, with many more on the way. The event will be sponsored by Zeus Comics, Pop Syndicate (, and Fanboy Radio (

We very much want to provide long term support for Lea and her family, and hopefully this art show might be a major step towards that goal.

Richard Neal ([email protected]) will be the main contact person for this event.

And as we announced yesterday, Shaenon Garrity is selling NARBONIC pages to benefit the Hernandez family.
On her LJ, Lea reports that Antarctic Press people have been helping them out, and the outpouring of support and help across the web from the comics community has been really inspiring to watch unfold.