We’re off to Baltimore later today, and have much to do. We always have much to do. We’ve been tinkering with two major essays for two weeks, but haven’t had the time to sit down and type out our thoughts. WHY are we so busy? There are a ton of events and books we’ve promised to cover that are sitting in the queue, columns unwritten, invoices unsent, and a zillion other things piling up. And it just gets worse and worse. We briefly considered bagging on the link blogging now that Dirk is back and doing such an exhaustive(ing) job, but we know a lot of people rely on this site for their comics news, such as it is, and don’t want to bag it entirely.

We’re trying to get an intern here at SBM, so if you know of a local NYC youngster who would like a “Finding Forrester” chance of a lifetime, drop us a line. There would be a few household duties — mashing up turnips for our gruel, reading aloud while we take a brief lie-down — but mostly the job would require sitting around and listening while we go on about the good old days and the directing career of Michael Landon.