HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Drawn and Quarterly’s Black Friday 40% off sale

You heard me, D&Q, one of the all tme great comics publishers, is having a 40% off sale just in time for BLck Friday. And they already HAD Thanksgiving in Canada!

* Yes, any item! This sale includes books, comics, posters, and more. And, since all our 2013 titles are now in warehouses in the US and Canada, every awesome title you’ve thought about buying this year is also available at a sale price. Here’s another look: some seven original graphic novels, one comic book, six Canadian titles, seven translations, three reprints-with-extras, and five Moomin titles, amongst strip collections, two Petits Livres of paintings, the retrospective of a master cartoonist, and a collection edited by a brilliant teenager.

You just about can’t go wrong with anything from D&Q but for the young’uns out there I’d particularly recommend anything Moomin, John Stanley or Anna and Froga.

For Brown ups…oh Gilbert Hernandez, Rutu Modan, Seth, Chester Brown, you name it.

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