Every once and a while you come across some old files you don't remember. Here's an oldie but goodie (2004) from the…

Posted by Dan DiDio on Monday, June 15, 2015

DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio is packing up his house and as he did with his office he’s sharing some of the historical items he’s finding along the way, from ties to an overdue library book. Of more interest to comics reader is this pitch from 11 years ago showing how far back many of the elements of the various DC Crises go. As you can see “Flashpoint,” trouble for Dick Grayson, and the dissolution of the Lois and Clark marriage go way back to the beginning—and bubbled in the colelctive subconscious of the DCU for some time.

I’m not an expert in the Crisis Era, but Dick Grayson was narrowly saved from death a few times, both on the page and behind the scenes. It’s educational to see how idea are born, gestate and eventually come out in an altered form. As I’ve said, when someone writes the history of the Aughts in Comics, it’s going to be quite an interesting book. SEAN HOWE, WHERE ARE YOU?


  1. One of my favorite aspects of DC is how many VERY different futures they have, and how deeply they’ve been explored. I probably would have really liked this story.

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