Heidi’s Got No Power So Here Are Some Seasonal Cardshttp://ift.tt/1c3oR8e

I don’t know what’s going on at Stately Beat manor, but a cat appeared at my house earlier and scratched the words NO POWER AT BEAT WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT COMICS YOU SECOND-RATE MANAGING EDITOR, YOU on my window. Nothing is happening in comics right now, I’m fairly sure – so in lieu of anything else, here’s a look at two Christmas cards I got sent this week by Boom Studios and Valiant Comics.

Valiant’s card comes from the mind and fingers and likely soul of Tom Fowler, who had a banner year in 2013. Currently working on, I believe, a one-shot issue about the Goat from Quantum & Woody, here the artist offers his take on the wider Valiant Universe.


And meanwhile Boom Studios, a publisher who had a year which was surely as banner-ish as Fowler’s, sent this one through the digital letterbox.


So in 2014, expect The Beat to HEAVILY FEATURE Valiant and Boom, at the expense of all other companies!*

*disclaimer: untrue

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