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Happy fourth to all! I’m taking it easy on the pre San Diego news to run errands, upgrade my laptop and do all those real world things I’ve been putting off, but the maelstrom of pre Comic-Con news starts again tomorrow! In the meantime have a safe and happy holiday from all of us here at The Beat.


  1. “…run errands…”: you mean sitting in grueling traffic that is only going to get worse. What is going on today to make us think that lack of mobility is not a priority in this ‘country’, as keeping someone’s friends and family that run construction and road work companies, or who ever is paying off your ‘city council’ to keep road workers ’employed’ and working on some *constant* road work *every year* laying down low standard asphalt that is made to crack and make pot holes, while things like *comfortable*, *easily accessible*, *safe* and *useful* parks, side walks, bike paths, and community oriented facilities (that last one I might as well be talking about some place in Middle Earth) are shat on?

    “…upgrade my laptop…”: how is someone from places like India, people who make us constantly repeat our name, address, phone number, they repeat it all back wrong in some accent we can’t understand, then transfer us to the wrong number, and they have no interest in providing a real ‘solution’ so much as they always end up just having us reformat our entire laptop’s hard disk drive (so basically in the former-USA if you buy a laptop you must also buy an external terabyte drive to back up your info on, because you will just have it lost since everything is made to break down and take our money -things that work and last are taboo in this fake bigot ridden ‘country’)- how is that type of ‘customer service’ more qualified than hiring an *American* to provide tech support for Americans in America??? Also the majority of my tech resume responses are from Indian recruiters, and most are relocated to the former-USA -WTF?!? I have my internal tech support job security and pay raise potential based on my level of customer service, yet whenever I have to contact tech support for a product I own this ‘customer service’ aspect has no value -and no one that calls themselves an ‘American’ could care less about this -how does education, work ethic, and cooperation (that last one is another taboo concept in the former-USA) supposed to have any value?

    “…real world things I’ve been putting off…”: now that sounds like ‘American culture’, as we have to put things off since regardless of education, and salary the majority of our ‘adult’ ‘American lives’ are traffic, corporate policy at work or trying to be employed so we can submit to corporate policy for a paycheck that has diminishing purchasing power every year, and advertisements setup as ‘entertainment’/consumerism/bigotry. What is ‘real’ about news, instead of journalism, traffic, instead of mobility, social networking/television/consumers/bigotry, instead of learning to work with and train and learn from others different?

    Happy Fourth of July -while we sit around and do nothing about the fact that every June is another generation of consumers graduating from high school with no idea how to explain ways to meet their city council, congressmen, or what gerrymandering is, or what all the amendments are, or how to participate or organize peaceful non-violent protesting (that thing that lets women work and vote, and enforced Civil Rights just before we gave our rights way for profit, cost savings, debt, fees and hidden fees). Are we celebrating today the World Trade Organization and lack of participation in government, or what, consumers -did everyone obsess enough on who was ‘libera’ or ‘conservative’, and how to be a bigot towards others different?

  2. Happy 4th of July. I’m Canadian, an hardly pro-American, but with the two comments you’ve got (one pure spam, the second, pure mom’s basement), yeah, you need something positive.

    America is a terrible country, currently blessing itself for passing equality measures that much of Europe and Canada passed a decade ago, but they’re getting it. Slowly, but that’s how America rolls. For most of the planet, WWII started in 38-39, but in America, ’41. It’s okay. America is that big kid who gets applause for tying their shoes for the first time.

    That (absolutely insulting stuff) said, America is a hotspot of culture. The birthplace of comics, and their cultural friction creates the best comedy of the English world. A large population that is free to rub against each other. The culture of the world would be so much worse off without America. America is a fertile garden which lets new culture bloom.

    Happy birthday!

  3. Johnny Memeonic, if that is your real name, being married with a kid, living in my own place make’s my post less “mom’s basement.” America is a real topic. I think Americans sometimes forget it since it’s a matter of daily living for them, but America’s culture and politics touch other counties in a way nowhere else does. Everything in America echoes into other countries. A law passed in China (near America in economy and beyond America in population) has little reverberation in the world. Maybe it’ll be different in a decade.

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