gregory_noveck.jpgWe won’t slap a “Tolja!!!” over this, but a memo this afternoon confirms what many had been predicting since DC’s new regime took over last fall: SVP of creative affairs Greg Noveck who for six years had been DC”s main man in Hollywood, is leaving to go back to producing. A memo signed by Geoff Johns went out today:

After six successful years with DC, Gregory Noveck has decided to resume his producing career, and will transition to that new role over the next three months.   

Gregory was hired by Paul Levitz to help mine the library of DC properties for media adaptation, and the many highlights of his tenure include DC’s theatrical and TV releases, the DC UNIVERSE line of direct-to-video animation, production of the wonderful “SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS” documentary and, most notably, RED for which he serves as an executive producer. 

When Summit Entertainment releases RED this October, it’ll be in very large part due to Gregory’s passion for getting Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s comic book adapted to the big screen. His title of Executive Producer reflects only a small portion of the energy and enthusiasm he’s brought to that project since day one.

Please join me in thanking Gregory for his contributions and talent. We all wish him much success in the future, and hope that our paths will cross again.

–Geoff Johns

While Noveck had some fans, since Diane Nelson took over the DC Entertainment era, Noveck was viewed as the fall guy by many at the studio over what was seen as DC’s wheel spinning over turning their comics icons into big screen hits. Indeed, Nikki Finke’s story on this already has some unseemly grave dancing in the comments.

In all the “Who will stay and who will go” insider talk over the changes at DC, Noveck was one of the top three candidates for spending more time with his family. It will be interesting to see what happens to the other two in the next few months.


  1. Ah, nothing says “Die, Die Die!” quite like “Please join me in thanking … for her contributions and talent.” Mummy needlepointed these words on a pillow for my fainting couch. Love and kisses, Isabel

  2. Other two?

    From a Feb. 18th Beat entry:

    We’re also hearing that Richard Bruning, currently SVP-Creative Director, is getting a diminished role at the company. Bruning’s future at DC was widely speculated on, since he is also married to Berger, and Warner Brothers has very stringent rules about relatives working together.

    Another name that many have wondered about is Bob Wayne, currently VP of Sales. The Lee/DiDio/Johns group would seem to have strong ties to Wayne, so we’d expect him to stay in his current role, although this has not been confirmed.

  3. Warner Bros has very stringent rules about relatives working together? Since when?

    When I worked in the scripts department, I worked with a couple who got married on the job and my boss – she was married to one of the executives on the lot.

    That’s a load of bull.



  4. “She used to work there herself…”

    so? how long ago was that?

    and to my previous point, if she did possess knowledge from her stint there, it apparently did not cover HR issues. But that doesn’t stop her from acting like she is well informed…

  5. Okay, Sven, what’s your special insider knowledge, then? I’m assuming you work at Warner? If you do, great– I stand corrected.

    And aside from whether you do work there or not, why are going out of your way to come off like a snotty jerk?