Both of artist Colleen Doran’s sites — A Distant Soil and — have been hacked, she confirmed in a phone call. Luckily, all her sites — which host her webcomic serialization of A DISTANT SOIL and her popular, pithy blog– had been backed up and have been moved to a new host and should be available over the weekend.

According to Doran, she suspected something was amiss when she noticed someone from Turkey hid visited her site oftimes. “I could see something was wrong, but I didn’t have the technical know how to fix it,” she said. Unfortunately her webhost, Media Temple, wasn’t able to catch the hacking until it was too late and both her sites had been infected with malware. Even Goggle cache shows the sites as suspicious and won’t let a viewer in.

“It’s annoying because I was planning to do a whole series of blog posts about how to build your traffic,” Doran lamented.

Hopefully she’ll still write that series! We’d read it.


  1. Reasons to read
    1) Free comics! Almost everyday!
    2) Great blog about the business of comics!
    3) Great blog about other stuff!
    4) She’s one of the nicest comics professionals around!