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While folks like Mark Millar, Mike Mignola, and Robert Kirkman have been deservedly marked by the success of their creations in Hollywood, one hard-working studio of writers has a pretty significant run of hits behind them — without getting too much in the way of recognition.

We’re talking about the Man of Action Studios — Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle. Not only did they create the biggest boy-oriented action franchise of the last ten years in Ben 10, but they turned right around and duplicated that success with Generator Rex, which since its debut has been ranked as #1 in its time slot with kids ages 2-11. Meanwhile, these four gentlemen have also managed to build up an impressive library of intriguing, thought-provoking comics from Kafka to I Kill Giants to Officer Downe to Metal Men to…dozens of other things. They all have solid bibliographies anyone would be proud of.

And they are all nice guys, to boot.

So when we got an announcement of Man of Action’s participation as Supervising Producers on the first season of the new Spider-Man series, set for a 2012 debut on Disney XD, we were happy. Happy because Spidey has been given over to some people who know what they are doing, so Disney is poised to get a new boy-oriented hit at long, long last. And happy because some good folks who do good work are continuing to get more work.

While we’ve been looking at the whole Hollywood-Comics connection critically over the last few days, Man of Action is doing it the right way — not making a lot of unnecessary noise or being assholes. Just turning out the best comics and TV shows they can. .