The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling make their Vegas debut in season three of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated comedy series. Based on the short-lived but widely loved ’80s wrestling series, GLOW heads into its third season this August. From the looks of things in the trailer, there will be plenty of laughs — and plenty of big, life-changing drama.
Since the series first debuted in 2017, GLOW has tackled a wide range of serious topics with aplomb, especially considering the over-the-top characters and settings it employs. This season will be no different. In addition to introducing new characters like guest star Geena Davis‘ Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, season three will continue to focus on characters we’ve come to know and love as they continue their individual and team journeys. Romance, motherhood, loneliness and friendship are all themes that will be explored. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… but that doesn’t mean it can’t have lasting consequences.
Check out the GLOW season three trailer below and tune in when the new season hits Netflix on Aug. 9.