With all the exciting news and announcements coming out of NYCC, the Beat somehow managed to overlook the launch of Funko’s DC Primal Age line of action figures. Basically, He-Man meets the DC Universe.

[Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the DC Primal Age toy line was based on an abandoned 80’s concept. It was revealed during NYCC DC Meet the Publishers panel by Dan DiDio and Jim Lee that this was in fact a stunt marketing ploy]

Funko has eeven produced an animated DC Primal Age commercial that will bring back nostalgia for anyone who grew up on those classic 80’s cartoons. If the Batcave isn’t a dead ringer for Castle Grayskull, get your eyes checked!


Let’s be honest, a super jacked Joker riding a giant lizard isn’t the craziest thing. What other characters are you hoping to see incorporated down the line? Just in time for the holidays, the DC: Primal Age figures are now available.


The ‘80s were an undeniably glorious decade for toys, and action figures in particular. The heroes were ripped and the playsets were epic. Combine that aesthetic with greatest DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and you get DC Primal Age—a brutal, barbaric world ruled by ferocious warriors. Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and Green Lantern represent DC’s Super Heroes.
















DC Super Villains, Scarecrow, King Shark, Mr. Freeze and The Joker will stop at nothing to challenge the DC Super Heroes and wreak havoc in this strange world.











Batman rides Ace the Bathound into battle against The Joker Beast.


And all of this takes place around the iconic Batcave, a lair carved from stone and the perfect playset to round out the DC Primal Age collection. The muscles are big and the stakes are even bigger.

Funko, Inc. (“Funko””) (Nasdaq: FNKO), a leading pop culture consumer products company, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and DC Entertainment, today announced the launch of DC Primal Age, a new line of action figure toys featuring retro-style barbarian fantasy themed Super Heroes and Super-Villains from the DC universe. The inaugural line will be available for purchase starting October 5, 2018 on Amazon.com.

The first wave of the DC Primal Age branded collection will include eight, five-and-a-half-inch tall action figures, featuring the iconic DC Super Heroes and DC Super-Villains everyone knows and loves as well as two “beast rides” and a full size Batcave playset.

“We are excited to finally unveil this new retro line of action figures that pays homage to the unique design that we all remember from the DC comic books of the seventies and eighties,” said Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko. “It’s been an incredible experience to bring this nostalgic spin to the iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Universe in a true Funko fashion. The new collection is a great example of our strong relationships with our licensors who trust us to deliver our own take on their popular characters. We continue to see a fantasy renaissance in consumer demand and we look forward to sharing this new concept with our fans.”

“We partnered with Funko to create a collection that would spark the nostalgia of DC fans yet give them an all new way of viewing their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains,” said Julian Montoya, senior vice president, global toys, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Then we launched the innovative toy line in a fun way to engage and excite fans, who are at the center of everything that we do.”


  1. I’m not someone who gets excited about toys, but Funko really has done a great job with these. It definitely reminds me of that era of cartoons and action figures. I think these will be really popular with collectors of a certain age, and hopefully with their kids as well.

  2. I wish Funko would care enough for the customers of their previous action figure line. I still have several damaged Rocketeers in unopened boxes that Funko refused to replace or refund. I will never purchase another Funko product.

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