There’s a ton of stuff to look forward to when New York Comic Con rolls around, no matter who you are or what you’re into; exclusives, collectibles, cosplays, panels, celebrities, premieres, attractions, the list goes on. 

A Winter Soldier on the run visits Brooklyn…

This year, for me, however, I most anticipated a conversation with a new friend named Paul, a London-based cosplayer who goes by @6_Seasons_and_a_movie on Instagram.

Aside from being an incredible yet humble craftsman, I was interested in hearing about his experience at his first United States convention, let alone New York Comic Con experience.



So this was your first experience with an American con. How would you describe it?

I think the first thing was just how open and large it was. There was a lot going on, I mean it was Thursday, I thought it was going to be quiet. It was just full of people and it was almost a little overwhelming. Just banners and displays everywhere and my first thought was “I’m finally here, this is going to be amazing.”

How does it compare to the ones you go to in England? What are they like? Do you have a preference between those and your experience with NYCC?

I’ve thought about this and the main thing for me is cons in England, it’s more like going along for a fun time to hang out with friends and dress up. Obviously meet celebrities and buy things. Cosplay is the focus really, the other stuff doesn’t matter so much. NYCC it’s clearly for FANS, this is their thing. We don’t really get new things like this con either, we’ll  have screens showing some stuff, but it’s not big like this was where companies were showing off new things for next year. Much much bigger, obviously, much more fandom oriented and to show new upcoming stuff.


Were you surprised by the attitude of the crowds? A lot of people really liked your costume and you even had some conversations over it…

Discussing foam craft with a budding cosplayer.

Yeah I honestly wasn’t sure how it was going to go down. Not sure if it’s because it was a Thursday and the cosplayers were mostly outside. It’s gotten to the point where MCM cosplayers outnumber people who aren’t in costume, something like 80 to 20. It was so exciting to have all those people taking pictures and giving compliments. They were all just so nice. I was wishing I had another day because I thought Thursday would be quiet and I could make my purchases, but we kept getting stopped for pictures. But it was absolutely lovely and everybody was so, so nice.

What were some of the highlights of this con for you?

First off, it’s so hard- so many people being so nice about my cosplay on a Thursday for one. Also meeting Ugo, one of my friends I’ve known for a couple years now, walking back to his hotel near Penn station, it occurred to me how crazy it was that he and I met dressed as Bucky and the Black Panther, and here we were walking down the street in New York City! He introduced me to tons of American cosplayers and I loved meeting all these people he knew. 

Meeting Taika Waititi was definitely one, that was completely fortuitous, I was disappointed I couldn’t go into the Funko Pop stand, which is a raffle, but I was right behind Taika, realized who he was, and asked for a photo. He was very nice, it more than made up for it. And then of course there was talking with you!

I mean we met through cosplay, my McCree specifically, and there we were absolutely killing it as Mercy & McCree at NYCC!

Having accompanied you around NYC during the con weekend, I got the sense this was a bit of a nerd’s playground for you. What were some of the highlights?

It is just New York in general, it’s just a pleasure to be in, I’m just fascinated by everything, every store, every sign, every person. Riding the subway and having weird interesting food. It’s one of the only places I feel I could live and be absolutely happy. And going down to Brooklyn, where I’ve never really been before, that was cool. Finding a broken payphone and using it as a prop was just great. Going around in casual cosplay with someone and getting photos, even as like a casual Spider-Man, taking pictures on the side of buildings and monuments, it was just awesome.


Would you attend another US con? Or another New York Comic Con? Would you recommend it?

Yes, yes I would. I’m already planning with some friends to go to Emerald City Comic Con. We have tentative plans to go there. Definitely, I would one million percent come back to New York Comic Con. I’d probably try and go another day, arrange better cosplays so I’d have more of a range, but yes, I would a hundred million percent go back. It’s all by no means definite, but I’m still making plans.