The studio behind Max Payne and Alan Wake put together one of the best surprises of E3 with the debut of Control, a third-person supernatural action adventure shooter. During NYCC, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment), Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden in Control), Matthew Porretta (Dr.Darling in Control) and James McCaffrey (Zachariah Trech in Control) held a panel session to discuss development progress and Remedy’s first ever female lead protagonist.

It’s great to see a studio with the talent of Remedy back into full swing production and going the non-exclusive route. Their previous Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break was a unique dive into the action genre that stretched itself beyond the reach of the platform it was on. If you’re a late adopter of Xbox One, it’s a game worth checking out even without the live-action component.  Control is shaping up to be Remedy dropping gimmicks in favor of pure storytelling. The game’s eerie atmosphere and touches of how it presents Jesse Faden’s tale are like if David Lynch made Die Hard and I for one want more.

Control is expected to launch in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.