While he was out junketing for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, animation genius Genndy Tartakovsky was asked about his Luke Cage miniseries for Marvel that was announced in 2007. While you would have guessed that it was just a cool idea that never got very far, Tartakovsky drops the bomb:

GT: So it’s all written, it’s all drawn, it’s finished. It needs to be inked and I never got a chance to ink it and color it. I haven’t talked to Marvel in forever and I don’t know if the editor is already gone, the one that I was working with. (Note: Aubrey Sitterson, the editor overseeing CAGE! left Marvel in a full-time capacity in 2008.) Every time I turn on my computer and I see some images from it, I get so sad because that is the one thing I really want to finish and the hard part is done — that is the crazy part. I’ve got all four issues done and they’re just sitting there and it’s killing me.

Marvel was a very different company in 2008, and an alternative take like this was tolerated as a charming experiment then. Now it is not quite as tolerable, post-Disney. Since Tartakovsky is signed up with Sony Animation, that might make it even less likely to appear—but if those sketches above are any indication, the world desperately needs Genndy Tartakovsky’s Luke Cage comic!!!

Come on people! We’e got to make this happen somehow.


  1. If things at Marvel are the way you say then it may not be published now, but could be in the future when management inevitably changes hands again.

    Remember that Marvel sat on Peter Bagge’s Hulk story for 7 years, Steve Gerber’s and Kevin Nowlan’s Man-Thing graphic novel for 20 years, and Jack Kirby’s original Fantastic Four #103 for 38 years.

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