I think it goes without saying thanks to the X-Men ’97 animated series, Marvel’s merry mutants are back in the cultural zeitgeist. It’s a much needed hit for Marvel Studios. To that end, Airbnb has announced details for Icons, “groundbreaking category features extraordinary experiences hosted by the world’s greatest icons across music, film, art, sports, and beyond, offering unparalleled opportunities for fans to step into words that have only existed inside their imaginations.” Fans will surely be excited to learn among the available options is a 2D animated re-creation of Marvel Animation’s X-Mansion in Westchester, New York.

Hopefully fans can go in with higher expectations than the infamous Willy’s Chocolate Experience at Glasgow.

Official description and images from Airbnb below:

Among the first 11 Icons – and to mark the highly anticipated release of Marvel Animation’s X-Men 97, now streaming on Disney+ – the youngest X-Men teammate Jubilee is opening the doors of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.  As a “mutant” in training, guests will enter the radical 2D world of the X-Mansion for new student orientation, brought to you by Airbnb. 

The experience includes:

    • A new student orientation video from Jubilee 
    • The opportunity to concoct experiments in Beast’s lab 
    • The chance to train like an X-Man in the Danger Room
    • A stop in the iconic War Room for team briefings and to try on Cerebro 
    • Staying overnight in either host Jubilee’s bedroom straight out of the 90s, Wolverine’s room inspired by the series, Beast’s lab, or the new recruits dorm room.

Separately, additional guests will be able to partake in a two-hour X-Men experience at the X-Mansion as a day trip.

The listing is now live! Requests to book this Icon open on May 1 at 1:30 pm PT, with the stays taking place from June. Requests to book the experience opens on May 9. More information on this Icon can be found HERE.

Please see the full 2024 Summer Release HERE.

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