1_0zsXqdfc3SA9wBrB3a1wxA.pngOkay it isn’t technically a COMIC, but “And Your Little Dog Too” by Jeremy (Curveball) Sorese is an illustrated story but it is surely words and pictures working together to tell a story. Plus, it’s just too amazing not to link to. But better have the tissues near. It’s a true life tale about Chief, Sorese’s childhood dog, who had to be given away when his parents split. And then an email comes…from Chief’s owner. And where the story goes is not where you expect.

The story taes a look back at Sorese and his history of pets, something that most of us will empathize with. If it’s not the goldfish that ate its bowl mate to the way that the love and trauma of childhood pets is very much part of what makes us adults; and living with pets is one of the defining elements of our adult life.

As he did with Curveball, a gorgeously illustrated graphic novel about  romance and rejection in a SF setting, Sorese brings enormously appealing art to the project.

Like we said, have a tissue ready. Fair warning.