Over at Tech Times, I got to interview Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello about DKIII, which was a fun assignment as these two have developed quite a roadshow cameraderie. Issue #2 of the series came out today, and the plot is thickening, as are the number of players from the DCU.

Miller has also been quite enthusiastic about upcoming projects on his DKIII press tour and convention appearances, with works ranging from a kids book to Dark Knight IV. And now, he told me, a new Sin City story set in the past:

I’m planning a new Sin City that will be called The Homefront, set during World War II. It will be an American Secret Service agent and French Resistance leader up against the Nazi movement in New York City. Set in 1942, when America was first getting into the war, the sleeping giant was starting to be woken. One of the things I’m doing the research for right now is to show how powerful the Nazi movement was in the United States. There will be Nazi group meetings in Sin City. And all the fashions I love to draw, the hats, the trench coats, and the cars.

Now hearing that Frank Miller is working on a Nazi story may alarm some given some of his past statements, but he assured me, “They’re the bad guys!” 

Nazi imagery has appeared before in Miller’s work, including Bruno, a henchperson of the Joker’s who wore swastikas over the key areas (above) in The Dark Knight Returns. And of course, there were Nazis in The Spirit movie, although their appearance has never been explained. 

According to Azzarello the cover for this has been drawn. So maybe winging your way to a comics shop some day?


  1. I wish someone would ask Miller about the 300 sequel. They published a few pages in Dark Horse Presents, and I believe that Mike Richards said that Miller submitted the first two issues before stopping (presumably due to health?) I’d love to see this some day.

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