As the recent visit to the Small Press Expo showed, there is no shortage of supremely talented cartoonists out there. And the folks at First Second are taking full advantage of this by scooping them up. The latest is Drew Weing whose webcomic The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo will be published next year. Geek Dad has details and an interview. Weing (Set to Sea) has been publishing the comic online since 2014; the print edition comes out in September 2016. It’s lovely charming and spooky.


The comic involves a boy named Charles Thompson who moves to a monster-ridden apartment building; Margo Maloo is the “monster mediator” who helps sort things out.

GD: This isn’t your first webcomic, so I’m assuming you enjoy the format. For you, what’s the biggest advantage of serializing a story online in weekly installments?
DW: I like the feedback and positive reinforcement. Sitting in your studio by yourself, drawing page after page with nobody to show it to, for what can be years — I think that’s what makes so many cartoonists turn out a little nutty! Also, reading comics serialized can be a unique experience all to itself — you live with the characters a lot longer, and they almost become part of your life. But I always planned on eventually collecting it into a series of books.



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