Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly dropped a big Doctor Strange shaped bomb on the internet and basically captured everyone’s interest for a day.

Today, keeping with the Marvel theme, they’ve unveiled some details about the second season of Daredevil, including the first still that showcases Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle/The Punisher:


They also spoke with new showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, who revealed that you won’t have to wait until the third episode – like we did with the debut of Wilson Fisk – to get to know this version of The Punisher, as he’ll appear in the very first episode. They also added:

“Viewers watching the show will be rooting for this guy with a gun but we’re also going to force people — the way we force Matt — to second-guess themselves,” Petrie says. “Taking lethal justice into your own hands is in America in 2015 is tricky s—t. We have not shied away from the rich complicated reality of Now. If you’ve got a gun and you’re not the police you’re going to incite strong feelings. We’re stirring the pot and we’re aware of the headlines where we live and we’re trying to get people to think.”

They also threw out comparisons to another famous anti-hero:

“He has a different moral code,” (Ramirez) says. “Matt is a devout Catholic — and you rarely see a character who’s a devotee anything on TV. Frank has Hammurabi’s Code. It’s like letting a great white shark into the water.”

Frank Castle won’t be the season’s only new character though, as Elodie Yung’s Elektra will also play a big role, and if you remember the quick mention last season, true to comics form, she’s Matt’s old flame from college:

“Matt’s a deeply moral complicated guy and she’s just the best bad girlfriend you can possibly have,” Petrie says. “She does everything wrong and attractive, she’s his id, the wild side. Matt is always taming his wild side. Elektra just lets it out. He’s both repulsed and deeply drawn to that.”

Season 2 of Daredevil will debut in 2016 on Netflix. Presumably in the Spring.