Offset Comics is a rather mysterious creative lab spearheaded by Ivan Brandon with contributions from Daniel Krall, Chuck BB, Eric Canete and possibly more. It was announced last year but has thus far been seen in the form of prints and this interview at Comics Alliance.
While dates and details remain unknown, Brandon did pass along the very first completely colored/lettered page page of DOOMCANNON by Daniel Krall and Heather Danforth.

Looks promising!

Here’s more from the CA piece on what Offset is planning:

CA: Is Offset a collective with “members” or “partners” or is this your thing with people you bring in? I’d like to know what you think each creator brings to the table.

IB: Well, technically Offset is my house. Or maybe better said: my block. But the houses on the block are owned by the people who built them. What the creators bring, hopefully, is something you won’t find anywhere else in entertainment. More than anything at my advanced age, what inspires me as a reader/viewer/listener/whatever is being surprised. And that’s a really big part of what motivates the kinds of stories we’re telling. The logistical parameters I mentioned earlier also apply to movies, games… comics should be a much more agile beast. By media standards comics are created at light speed, I think the creativity should reflect that. So really while everyone in the above projects is grounded in their love of comics and their history in print, they all share an ability and a desire to break from that routine and define new kinds of storytelling as they go.

Other Offset titles include DESTROYER by Brandon and Eric Canete and DAATHFACE by Brandon Chuck BB and Ryan Browne. Chekc out the first link for more hints.