As we suggested yesterday, The NY Post has launched a new nerdy news blog called Parallel Worlds, edited by Dan Greenfield and others. The site has entered into a networking agreement with The Beat and two others. What does that mean? Well, just you’ll see Beat stuff linked on PW, and PW stuff linked here. Now, you may be asking if The Beat and the other Elite Beat Operatives are afraid of NY Post readers. The answer is that The Beat, anyway, lives right in their midst, so, no.

Anyway the first big features out of PW is a preview of BATMAN: YEAR ZERO, the new origin story for Bruce Wayne by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Now you may be asking, does Batman really need another origin after the definitive BATMAN: YEAR ONE by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli? Our answer would be that things have changed and Snyder and Capullo have made their own lasting contributions to the Batman canon so…why not?

Nonetheless, the earlier classic casts a shadow:

“I can only tell you I never expected to be drawing Gotham as Scott has it written in the first issue,” Capullo told Parallel Worlds. “Within the first five pages of the first script, I was like WTF! You know, what is going on in this thing?”

“Yeah, the fun of it is,” Snyder added, “you will open the book, and see from Page 1, 2 and 3, and 4, how different it is from Year One.”

Said Capullo: “You’re going to close it back up and look at the cover to make sure you picked up the right book!”

Anyway, here are the pages:





  1. Congrats – tho networking with the Post means I’m seriously going to have to up my game vis a vis headline puns.

  2. Huh? Wha?
    Darn… I miss one editorial meeting and the world changes.

    Pity… I wanted to snag the old News Corp “manhole cover/jail bars” logo before they redecorated with the new “news” script.

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