“There’s only seven kinds of story”, people say. “There’s no new stories to be told”, they moan. And then one day Dark Horse announce a comic called Sabertooth Swordsman and suddenly the world is a finer place.

From the creative team of Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley, this will be a six-issue series released exclusively through Dark Horse Digital, with a hardcover promised for later in the year. Want to know more? Of course you do, you’re only human.

sabertooth swordsman

This is part of a concerted effort Dark Horse are making to establish their digital comic store (they are, after all, the biggest comic company to refuse ComiXology). Part one of the series is available as of today, and the solicitation describes the issue thus:

When his village is enslaved and his wife kidnapped, a simple farmer must find his inner warrior! Granted the form of the Sabertooth Swordsman by the unfathomable Cloud God, our hero embarks on a treacherous journey to save his people in this six-part digital-first series!

Gasp at the villainy of the malevolent Mastodon Mathematician! Thrill to the Sabertooth Swordsman’s heroism atop Sasquatch Mountain! Gag at a meal of psychotropic grasshopper! All this and more awaits in the first issue of Sabertooth Swordsman!

Hee. Your move, Christopher Brooker!


  1. The comic sounds interesting but framing this article in terms of the Seven Basic Plots is pretty silly. The first paragraph of the description aligns the story in terms of Brooker’s plot #1 “Overcoming the Monster.” The hook of the comic isn’t the originality of the plot it’s the execution which is described in the second paragraph.

  2. I personally know the artist and this book is going to be a smash. Aarons art is funand exciting and seeing the b/w pages just blew me away. very painstakingly detailed. loved it great to see this out. can’t wait for the hardcover.

  3. Dark Horse’s digital comics are a little clunky. I have to admit, I got hooked on digital comics based on the 700 free comics that Marvel gave away about two months ago. I’ve bought so many old school Marvel books and the experience is great. The Dark Horse digital comic experience is fine, but Marvel’s is smoother and faster. I hope they can up their game.

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