Best known as Ser Loras Tyrell on HBO’s massively popular series Game of Thrones, Finn Jones is Marvel’s pick to play Danny Rand/Iron Fist in their upcoming series on Netflix per Entertainment Weekly.

Iron Fist, centering on the eponymous character created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, will be the fourth series of the Marvel/Netflix partnership following Daredevil (who second season debuts next month), Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage (debuting later this year). Iron Fist will be showrrun by Dexter veteran Scott Buck.

There had been discussions that Marvel may have been meeting with Asian American actors for the role, and certainly there was a good deal of online interest both for and against that idea. In the end, Marvel clearly opted to not go that route. As for Jones, he’s quite good on Game of Thrones, if perhaps a little underused. I look forward to seeing what he can do with the spotlight on him.


  1. I really hope they go with the Brubaker 12-issue run from a few years back. That’s such a good book and I think most of it would translate well to film.

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