Following the reveal of its March release date earlier today, the Final Fantasy VII remake took center stage at E3. Square Enix launched their press conference with a breathtaking cinematic teaser. The video clearly wasn’t gameplay, but still a promising sign the remake is in good hands.
Then the publisher followed the teaser with gameplay almost as beautiful as the cinematics. The battles showcased combat systems from recent Final Fantasy games rather than the turn-based mechanics from the original game. All the footage from Final Fantasy VII elicited massive cheers from the audience, especially during appearances of fan-favorite characters.
Square Enix stated that the Final Fantasy VII remake makes up two blu-rays of content. The original PlayStation game was similarly split across two discs. Following that, video game legend Tetsuya Nomura came on stage to announce that the game is playable at E3.
This looks like a Final Fantasy VII remake befitting the original. It releases March 3, 2020. Check out several trailers for the Final Fantasy VII remake below.
The deluxe 1st Class Collector’s Edition is already available from Square Enix’s store, and it will go fast.

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