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SDCC ’19: Square Enix’s AVENGERS game shows off an exclusive trailer

Panel attendees got a sneak peak at gameplay.

The AVENGERS video game looks like a mess — here’s what’s...

A detailed look at the problems that surround the AVENGERS video game, pinpointing what's wrong with the version presented at last month's reveal event.

E3 2019: Everything Square Enix Revealed at Its AVENGERS Game Debut

Square Enix revealed all at a special event for its big-budget AVENGERS game.

E3 2019: FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Looks Breathtaking

This looks like a remake worthy of the original.

E3 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date and New Trailer

Square announced the (first) release date for the reimagining of the classic game.

Square Enix Avengers Game coming to Google Stadia

In a vote of confidence from Google in their Stadia service, Avengers is coming to the all-streaming play form.

MARVEL’S AVENGERS game to finally be unveiled at this year’s E3

After the success of PS4's SPIDER-MAN, will MARVEL'S AVENGERS set the new standard for comic book video games?

PREVIEW: JUST CAUSE 4 is The Cobra Commander Weather Dominator Fantasy...

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios, Just Cause 3 (2015), was developed to be another addition to an oversaturated marketplace of 3rd person action shooting...

What to Expect from the AVENGERS Video Game by Square Enix

September’s Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4 exceeded expectations critically and commercially, and even we at The Beat can’t stop talking about it. But Marvel...

REVIEW: LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Episode One, Say Goodbye to Innocence

2015's commercial and critical surprise, Life Is Strange, captivated an audience and built a fanbase on its story-driven mix of the supernatural and relatable down...

KINGDOM HEARTS III Has Some Reveals Just Ahead of Tokyo Games...

The Final Fantasy/Disney mashup game Kingdom Hearts III keeps getting bigger. Just before the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, publisher Square Enix showed off the...