daredevil vs batman

With DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. unveiling their first real piece of “shared cinematic universe” media in March with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it represents the first big challenge to Marvel’s dominance of that arena. And it looks like Marvel Studios won’t be taking that call to arms lying down.

Per Comicbook.com, they’ve heard through their sources that Marvel and Netflix will debut Daredevil Season 2 the same weekend (March 25th) that Batfleck and Henry Cavill’s Superman square off before becoming the bestest of buds.

While I’m not one to think that streaming television makes much of a dent in box office receipts, this will prove to be a worthwhile experiment. If you have two pieces of media that share a similar core audience debuting on the same day, what will people gravitate towards more? The big budget throw-down that many have waited years to see or the follow-up to the critically acclaimed streaming superhero/crime epic that you can watch from the peace of your own home?

Or more likely, perhaps it’ll just be the greatest superhero live action weekend of all time. You can go to the theater to see Batman fight Superman, and then watch them both team up with Wonder Woman AND come back home to catch Daredevil fight the Punisher, with maybe have all three combining forces with Elektra.

I’m heading for that option myself. But perhaps more casual viewers have their loyalties lined up differently. There is also the kid factor, which Daredevil doesn’t exactly have in its favor (Man of Steel didn’t really either, but Batman v Superman looks just a bit more “toyetic” and colorful).

After Batman v Superman moved off of Captain America: Civil War‘s release date, I figured it was only a matter of time before we saw another butting of heads between these studios. It’s coming sooner than we all thought.