You’ve been standing in line, wishing you had something to read!
You’ve finally reached the comics Santa and are flabbergasted at the cornucopia of comics being offered for FREE!

A-christmas-storyListen little boy, we have A LOT of people waiting here, so GET GOING!

What do you say? Which do you pick? How do you keep from getting stuck with an old copy of Super Pro, or an old Radio Shack Whiz Kids comic?

Well, that’s where this handy list comes in!
We here at Beat Manor got liquored up on the distilled essence of rotting newsprint (AKA “comics schnapps”) and read almost every copy being given away today, on Free Comic Book Day!

Why? So don’t have to! (Get liquored up, that is… we still see the occasional Ben Day Kirby Krackle when watching TV. Kids! Stick to huffing comics! Don’t end up like us, forced to blog to support our nasty habits!)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

FANTA_FCBD14_Matter-o-Gravity-A.jpgIDW_FCBD14_Tform_GIJoe.jpgBONGO_FCBD14_Free-for-all.jpgUN-PLANK_FCBD14_Spongebob-Funnies-tm.jpg2014_Archaia_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Cover FCBD14 Fantagraphics BIGKaboom_FCBD2014_coverADVENTURES_OF_JELLABY FCBD largeDRAWN QU_FCBD14_Showa2000-AD-FCBD-2014fcbd 2014 smurfs large

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