Photograph via Ed Kaiser Edmonton Journal

It was the international comic book holiday on Saturday, and based on reports we’ve heard, many individual stores had their best days ever—some drawing over 1000 people—and fans for lots of comics. And there was a ton of press, too, from just about everywhere, as the links below reveal. Congrats once again to Joe Field for coming up with one of the best ideas for promoting comics ever.

BTW, although FCBD is a BIG comic book holiday, it is not the only one! We also celebrate:
24 Hour Comic Day
Read Comics in Public Day
Hourly Comics Day

Check out some of the links below for news reports from all over.

KUMV.COM – Williston, ND

Huntington, WV
Manila, Philippines
Fremont, OH
Natt Price live blogged from his store in Norman, OK

2:40 p.m. We’re just past the halfway point of the day, and have broken our traffic record in the shop, which was set last year on FCBD.

Bangor, ME
Topeka, KS
Columbia, SC
Redbank, NJ
Edmonton, AB
St. Cloud, MN
Cedar Falls, KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings
Tallahassee, FL
Corpus Christie, TX
Woodbury, NJ
St. Louis, MO
Manchester, NH
The Mary Sue photo gallery


  1. My LCS was shorted on their offerings, but seemed like they were having a good day when I stopped by with two of my nephews early in the afternoon. I never take any free comics myself, because I think it should be for the kids. I just wonder how many repeat business the stores get from new customers that day.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Heidi.

    One of the side benefits of promoting FCBD is the chance to promote more comics & GNs through the publicity. I was fortunate to be interviewed by, among many others, Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s a link to that interview that allowed me to highlight some great comics & GNs outside of the FCBD offerings.


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