Fans of the She-Devil with a Sword have been treated to an exciting look into her tumultuous early years. The penultimate installment of her prequel miniseries, Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #3, continues the saga, with the flame-haired bad ass confronting the wreckage of her past as she finally comes face-to-face with the addled Shashana, a victim of a deadly new drug that seeks to enslave all of Hyboria.

Written by Luke Lieberman and with art by Sergio Davila, the miniseries is nearing its end, but not before pitting the heroine against seemingly insurmountable odds and even more turmoil and violence as she tries desperately to come to terms with her own history while attempting to ensure the safety of her people.

The issue will be available with covers from Davila as well as a painted option by artist Lucio Parrillo. Of course, the release would not be complete without a cosplay cover featuring a top model for one of Dynamite’s most popular characters. If you prefer virgin covers, you can grab the Davila entry or the cosplay variant in that format along with a black and white option for Davila’s.

Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #3 will be available in stores on Wednesday August 21. Head to your favorite local comic shop to purchase your copy. If you prefer digital or want to order yours online, stop by Dynamite’s website.

The Beat received an exclusive first look at the covers and some interior pages of the issue. Check them out below!

Red Sonja Birth of the She-Devil Red Sonja Birth of the She-Devil Red Sonja Birth of the She-Devil Red Sonja Birth of the She-Devil Red Sonja Birth of the She-Devil

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