The Princess of Mars and her family have survived war and being outcasts on their own planet. In Dynamite Comics’ Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4, more trouble is on the way for the Barsoom heroine. The issue marks a convenient spot for new fans to begin reading.

Take a look at the synopsis from the publisher below:

“Secrets of the end winter”

A new jumping-on point for the new hit series by DAN ABNETT (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Aquaman) and VASCO GEORGIEV (Xena)! Dejah senses a great loss in her family, but there is no time to mourn. For a storm is coming… an awful, horrible storm…

The series is written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Vasco Georgiev. Covers for the fourth installment are by artists Lucio Parrillo, Jay Anacleto, and Joseph Michael Linsner. There is also a Juan Gedeon “Zombie” Variant, Tasha Cosplay UK Variant, and virgin and black and white versions of the above.

Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3)#4 hits stores on Wednesday, March 11. Head to Dynamite’s website for more or to order online. For digital, try Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Before heading out to your favorite local comic shop, take a look at an exclusive and extended preview of covers and interior pages here.

Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4 Dejah Thoris (Vol. 3) #4