Long Beach Comics Expo takes place NEXT weekend February 17-18 and The Beat herself will be a guest! We’ll also be taking part in the Comic Creator Conference (C3) the previous day. Guests include Cecil Castelucci, Mark Waid, Evan Narcisse, Don McGregor, Dean Haspiel, and, for STRANGER THINGS fans, the king of the hair, Joe Keery.

With our special guest privileges, we have an EXCLUSIVE first look at the programming. You can see the whole thing below – including a geek film fest and a SPACE EXPO, but for those who are interested in a little thing called Black Panther, there are several panels devoted to the character and the creators who worked on him.

Click to access LBCE-2018-Program-SCHEDULE-ONLY-FINAL.pdf

Check out a few highlights below:


12:00pm – 1:00pm
King of the Jungle: Don McGregor Spotlight

Acclaimed writer Don McGregor, whose groundbreaking work on Black Panther including titles such as JUNGLE ACTION lead to him be one of the inspirations for the current hit Marvel movie. McGregor makes a rare West Coast appearance as LBCE’s first ever Guest of Honor“. This spotlight panel explores more than just his Panther work, including SABRE (one of the first-ever graphic novels), RAGAMUFFINS, DETECTIVES, INC., ZORRO, JAMES BOND, and NATHANIEL DUSK!

2:00pm– 3:00pm
Rise of the On-Screen Black Super-Hero

Are BLACK PANTHER and BLACK LIGHTNING the new normal or just a momentary trend? And what about other races and ethnicities and the “white washing” seen in recent superhero and science-fiction movies? Join writers Matt Wayne (CANNON BUSTERS), Evan Narcisse (RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER, io9), and Marc Bernardin (CASTLE ROCK, co-host of FATMAN ON BATMAN) in a thought-provoking panel led by journalist Jennifer de Guzman.
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Am I Allowed To Like ANYTHING? Loving What You Love in the Golden Age of Geek
For fans of superheroes, science fiction, animation, and cosplay, it’s a golden age. But hand-in-hand with geek domination of the popular arts has come a very hostile environment for being openly enthusiastic about your favorite things. You thought JUSTICE LEAGUE was better than THOR: RAGNAROK? Can’t wait to see a Quentin Tarantino STAR TREK? Like Superman better without the red shorts? Join comics creators and fellow fans for a guilt-free celebration of the things LBCE and its attendees love most.


11:00am– 12:00pm
Hey! Kids’ Comics!

The creators of some of today’s best-known comics for kids (of all ages) take part in a memorable LBCE panel. MY LITTLE PONY’s Tony Fleecs, recent Eisner Award nominee Norm Harper (RIKKI), and Director of Programming Ivan Cohen (TEEN TITANS GO!) talk about telling stories for some of comics’ most hard-to-please readers.

12:00pm – 1:00pm
BLACK PANTHER: The Writers’ Room

With the release of BLACK PANTHER the week before Long Beach Comic Expo bringing the King of Wakanda to new prominence, we’ve gathered some of the character’s top writers – Expo Guest of Honor Don McGregor (JUNGLE ACTION and the new BLACK PANTHER ANNUAL), CREED co-screenwriter Aaron Covington (BLACK PANTHER: LONG LIVE THE KING), and Evan Narcisse (RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER) – to talk about the excitement and challenges of telling stories of a character whose prominence and presence have gone beyond comics alone.


LBCE is one of the highlights of my con schedule, with a great location and a laid back vibe that really allow fans to interact with the guests. Tickets available here. 





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