Last week, AHOY Comics announced that, as part of their fifth anniversary celebration, a new 13-part prose serial will run throughout their titles this year. The serial, titled Partially Naked Came the Corpse!, will kick off with an installment written by Grant Morrison, with future installments from writers including Mark RussellAlex SeguraTorunn Grønbekk, Bryce IngmanCarol LayCarrie HarrisHanna BahedryAudrey RyerKirk VanderbeekLisa JonteStuart Moore, and Kek-W. Each installment of the series will include an illustration by Jon Proctor, and today The Beat is pleased to offer an exclusive first look at Proctor’s artwork for the first two prose pieces.

The first installment of Partially Naked Came the Corpse! will appear in September’s Project: Cryptid #1.

Here’s how AHOY describes Partially Naked Came the Corpse!:


…is a thirteen-part epic that kicks off with an extra-long first installment by the bestselling writer Grant Morrison, whose many award-winning comics works include JLA, New X-Men, and Green Lantern, and whose first novel Luda was published last year to great acclaim. The serial will debut in PROJECT CRYPTID #1, the first of AHOY’s new fall titles.

Over the following three months, PARTIALLY NAKED CAME THE CORPSE! will weave in and out of all AHOY’s regular titles, plus the fifth anniversary specials THE WRONG EARTH: WE CAN BE HEROES #1-2 and new title DEADWEIGHTS #1. Finally, in late November, PARTIALLY NAKED CAME THE CORPSE! will conclude with a bang in the CAPTAIN GINGER: THE LAST FEEDER #1, the first of another two-part anniversary series.

Prose features have been a staple of AHOY Comics’s releases since the publisher’s 2018 launch, with each single-issue release featuring at least one piece of prose and an accompanying illustration. It’s fitting that AHOY would want to spotlight that aspect of their line as part of their anniversary celebration, and that it’s using the occasion to both run its first serialized prose story and feature work from writers both from the typical AHOY stable and who are new to the publisher.

Check out Proctor’s illustration for the Grant Morrison-written first installment of the AHOY prose serial, as well as for Bryce Ingman’s second chapter, “The Barker and the Blonde,” below. Look for Partially Naked Came the Corpse! to appear in September’s Project: Cryptid #1.

Partially Naked Came the Corpse!
The Barker and the Blonde