No doubt that parents are that their wits’ end after more than two months of quarantine. There’s only so much you can do to keep your kids entertained while also limiting screen time to an acceptable amount. Thankfully, Spin Master is here to save the day with the classic mechanical red-framed drawing toy, Etch a Sketch!

In honor of the toy’s 60th anniversary, Spin Master has created a heroic mash-up of Etch a Sketch honoring the ultimate superhero of creativity, Stan Lee! Details below:

Etch a Sketch

The limited-edition Stan Lee-inspired Etch A Sketch not only helps celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original magic screen, but also brings the legendary comic book author to life in a whole new way for his fans! With a colorful comic frame and Stan Lee knobs to draw with, this item will be available in limited quantities at for $19.99 starting on May 12th, and will then be available at retail later this year for a limited time.

Whether you want to keep this collectible item on a shelf next to your comic books or use it to draw some of the iconic characters Lee co-created such as Spider-Man™, Iron Man™ and X-Men™, it is sure to be a HULK SMASH!


  1. What’s cool about this etch a sketch is that you can have someone else do 90% of the work, and you can put your name on it and get 90% of the credit.

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