Sunday is Mother’s Day and its gonna be a little weird this year, but DC is helping you celebrate by offering free printable Mother’s Day cards to salute our truly super and heroic moms, as well as offering suggestions for gifts and Mom-centric comics. We really dig the Martha’s Day branding here!

And if you think your mom would love to read DC comics:

DCU is offering a subscription to the digital service as the ultimate gift for moms this Mother’s Day! Perfect for comic geeks and DC fans, DC members can stream highly-acclaimed original series, watch animated and live-action films and series, and read more than 23,000 digital comic books that span 80 years of iconic stories. To sign up for the digital subscription service for only $7.99 per month or $74.99 annually, fans can go to https://www.dcuniverse.com/join/.

DC has also offered a list of  the “5 Baddest Mamas in the DC Universe” which I feel would NOT be good gifts for mom, unless she likes being compared to a cosmic supervillain who trains evil henchmen. Well, I guess she could! It takes all kinds. But here is the list

  1. Martha Wayne (Joker version) in FLASHPOINT: BATMAN – KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #1-3
  2.  Sheila Haywood (Jason Todd’s mom) in BATMAN #426-428 (A DEATH IN THE FAMILY)
  3.  Ursa (Chris Kent’s mom) in ACTION COMICS #844-851 and ANNUAL #11 (LAST SON)
  4. Granny Goodness in MISTER MIRACLE #5-6 (1971)
  5. Talia Al Ghul in BATMAN INCORPORATED VOL. 2 #8-9

At any rate whether you are lucky enough to be able to hug your mom on the day, or just plan to spend some time quality zooming, let her know you love her. She’s worth it.

And here are those Martha’s Day cards! Get the printable versions here. 

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  1. Oh this just hilarious. Just a little weird that Martha is actually dead and the mother of Superman is super old on the card. But I hope my mom will understand. :-)

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