Emily Hampshire is best known as an actress on shows like 12 Monkeys and the acclaimed comedy Schitt’s Creek. Now she’s adding another title to her resume: author. Z2 Comics has announced Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch, a new graphic novel co-written by Hampshire and Eliot Rahal and illustrated by Kristen Gudsnuk & Ames Liu. The book follows a young woman trying to find her place as part of an influential family of witches.

Here’s how Z2 Comics describes Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch:

The book blends millennial homebody ennui with wand-waving delight in the story of Amelia, the least-favorite daughter of L.A.’s most famous family of witches, the Aierwoods (think the Kardiashians of the witch world). She’s a so-so spellcaster who would rather eat Pop-Tarts while listening to murder podcasts than be a reality TV star.

While Amelia’s sisters have all followed in the footsteps of her prominent parents, everything she does is just a little…off-brand. A late bloomer who has yet to find her calling, Amelia uses her powers for mostly mundane things, but even those lead to magical misfires, e.g. the unfashionable witch’s hat that’s permanently stuck to her head.

As her family’s fame continues to rise, they have no choice but to exclude their bumbling black sheep daughter from the next great chapter of the Aierwoods—reality TV! With the help of her adopted brother Spaghetti—who she accidentally turned into a yeti… long story—Amelia must carve her own path outside of her family’s influence.

Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch will be available as both a softcover and a hardcover graphic novel, as well as in deluxe oversized hardcover editions, with one such edition signed by Hampshire. The book will feature main cover art by Caitlyn Rose Boyle & Liu, with the deluxe editions including prints featuring artwork by Gudsnuk, Cara McGee, and Dominique Roses, along with enamel pins and an Amelia Aierwood lunchbox featuring art from Fred StressingThe Beat has an exclusive first look at the prints by McGee and Roses:

Artwork by Cara McGee
Artwork by Dominique Roses

In a statement announcing the graphic novel, Hampshire described her inspiration for the graphic novel, and Rahal praised collaborating with the actress:

“Channeling my inner low-key witch into Amelia Aierwood has been a pure joy,” Emily explains. “Creating a book like this was a dream I didn’t know I had. The talent of the people I’m working with transcended my expectations.”

“Working with Emily has been a positive throughline, both personally and professionally,” co-writer Eliot Rahal elaborates. “She wants to make something that’s both gentle and silly. It’s heartfelt, but off-the-wall. Something for readers young and older working through those big emotions. It’s really been such a joy to be a part of.” 

All the editions of Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch is available for preorder from Z2 Comics right now. The graphic novel is set to be released later this year.