David Steinberger, the co-founder of Comixology and its CEO, is leaving for a new position within Amazon, he announced via Twitter. Long time Comixology execs Tom Ashley and Jeff DiBartolomeo will manage the team going forward. Steinberger wrote:

It’s been a few big weeks, and I have personal news: I’ve been asked if I’d like to lead a new Amazon-wide initiative that is too good an opportunity to not take. It was a tough decision, but I’m ready for a new entrepreneurial challenge. I will love comics forever and…🧵

2/ …I will continue to be an Advisor to @Comixology. Two long-term Comixology leaders, Tom Ashley and Jeff DiBartolomeo, will be managing the team moving forward. Tom and Jeff have been by my side for 9 years, and I can’t wait to see them execute their ideas for Comixology.

3/  I’m extremely confident in Jeff and Tom, the rest of the Comixology leadership team, and the many passionate, comics-loving employees that strive day-in & day-out to make everyone on the planet lifelong fans. To all Comixologists: I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you.

4/ I can’t leave this thread without thanking the creators, publishers, and fans — many of whom are also dear friends — that make what we do possible. There are too many to thank personally here, but without you there is no Comixology, so: thank you.

5/ For me, it’s been an amazing 15 years. It’s hard to leave the company I helped start with @johnnystorm0 & Peter, and still love, but I’m excited for the opportunity to explore another passion in my new role. My congratulations to Tom and Jeff! The best is still ahead.

Steinberger has been a resourceful and thoughtful CEO for ComiXology, guiding it from the early days of retailer resistance, winning the race to become the leader in the digital comics space, managing the acquisition by Amazon, and overseeing initiatives like Comixology Unlimited and Originals. Over his run, he’s been largely controversy free, and well-liked within the comics community, even as digital comics sales became an integral and accepted part of industry revenue.

He leaves as the brand has been more wholly integrated to the Amazon shopping experience, and amid sharp criticism over technical issues from users. While there will be a lot of speculation over the meaning of the timing, it’s also a reasonable path for a tech exec after a major integration like this.

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  1. A weird way to go out. A month before he leaves his job, Comixology goes kablooie, all the customers hate it and ditch it for DC’s and Marvel’s sites and pirate web sites. He shoulda moved on in January.

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