Super Smash Bros. information dominated today’s Nintendo Direct. It is now confirmed that this Switch title is to be called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and I believe it deserves to be so as Nintendo developers have placed a great deal of care into this iteration.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the character roster. Every character from Super Smash history is seeing a return, including fan favorites Snake, Falco, and Ice Climbers. Characters like Dark Pit who were a reskin of other playable characters have been now reclassified as “Echo Fighters,” designated with a small symbol next to their names that resembles the letter “E.” One new Echo Fighter will be Princess Daisy, a counterpart to Princess Peach. The returning Pokemon Trainer will now be available in both male and female forms.

Princess Daisy Makes an appearance.

Though a heavy emphasis has been placed on including all past characters, there are two new additions roster that need to be mentioned: Inkling from Splatoon and Ridley from the Metroid franchise. The Inkling will come in both male and female form and will boast a rainbow of colors at their disposal. As for their attacks, they are also ink based, with the more covered an enemy is with ink, the more damage they will receive. Just like the Splatoon games, Inklings do eventually run out of ink. To recharge, players are to press “B” while shielding. Ridley appears to be a miniature version compared to the Metroid games. Not so much is yet known on the nature of its attacks, save for what was shown on sample gameplay footage.

Ridley from Metroid series.

One major change will come in the way of the Final Smashes, which are now to be more “straight to the point” so players can get back to the action quicker. Example being Star Fox’s Landmaster being done away with for a more “direct” hit from his Arwing. For characters who have charged attacks or attacks that have limited uses, meters somewhat similar to Cloud’s will be integrated to show status. R.O.B. will now sport a red indicator meter down the length of its spine to show how much hover power it has lef. Speaking of charged attacks, Samus can now charge her blaster in mid-air.

Items and assist trophies have also been modified. Aside from having more of each, most assist trophies can now be attacked like an actual fighter and get prematurely KO’d. For those like the dogs from Nintendogs, they will not be attackable. One item shown that will be assuredly irritating will be that of the “Fake Smash Ball,” which appears to explode when activated. It is unsure yet if it is a one-hit KO or just delivers massive damage.

Cloud and… Cloud?

Finally, my favorite Smash announcement is that Game Cube controllers will be compatible with Ultimate. No news on if or when Nintendo will be selling the popular controllers again, but it only stands to reason that they will, including the Game Cube adapter.

Controller showed during Nintendo Direct, featuring Super Smash symbol different from the iteration before.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is slated for a December 7th, 2018 release.