Time to take a look at a few more of the digital comics sale going on right now.

The first one is unintentionally hilarious.  There’s another Infinity War-related sale going on.  Amazon is calling it “Adam Warlock collections” and Comixology is calling it the “Infinity Watch Sale.”  You want a good laugh?  Click on both links.  You’ll find that Comixology has things discounted well list price, usually over 50% off.  Amazon seems to just be at their normal discount, yet they’ve bothered to make a big sale page for it.  Maybe they’ll have fixed it by the time you see this, but right now it’s highly amusing.  What to get?  I’ve always been partial to the original Warlock run, but these titles have been on sale on and off since the Infinity Wars movie came out, so you should know the landscape by now.

Next we have the Robin sale.  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  (This time the sale is in both places without goofiness.)  As you may recall, Robin comes in a few different iterations.  You’ve got Dick Grayson in the original Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans.  There’s the Tim Drake solo adventures from the 90s.  Batman and Son started the Damian era.  The sale is a bit heavy on the Tim and Damian eras.

There’s a Doctor Who sale going on, too.  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  I’m not as up on the Titan line as some of the others, but it seems like a Paul Cornell/Christopher Jones volume is probably a decent place to start exploring.

Finally, there’s a James Bond sale on Comixology.  I’ve read most of these and Eidolon is my favorite.  It’s a V.2, but works just fine as a single volume.