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E3 2018: Demo Review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One area that didn’t get too much attention during the Nintendo Direct were the subject of stages. So far, we know every stage will come with a battlefield and omega form, and from footage shown we know that some old favorites like “Princess Peach’s Castle” and “Tortimer Island” will be making a return. After playing the game, I found that there are more past stages making a return, such as my personal Nintendo 64 favorite, Saffron City.

E3 2018: Overall Takeaway and Highlights from the Nintendo Direct

After a year of proven success under the Nintendo Switch’s belt, the current-gen console has already set itself far apart from its predecessor. For me, I felt that Nintendo’s presentation was solid, focusing as much as possible on the games, which at the end of the day is really all that gamer’s want. Without a doubt, Nintendo has been having one of the best years it has had for a while. With such momentum built up behind them, I think Nintendo has hit this year’s E3-timed Direct out of the park.

E3 2018: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Release Date and Full...

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the character roster. Every character from Super Smash history is seeing a return, including fan favorites Snake, Falco, and Ice Climbers. Characters like Dark Pit who were a reskin of other playable characters have been now reclassified as “Echo Fighters,” designated with a small symbol next to their names that resembles the letter “E.” One new Echo Fighter will be Princess Daisy, a counterpart to Princess Peach. The returning Pokemon Trainer will now be available in both male and female forms.