Over the last 72 hours, we’ve learned about “the most powerful console”, post-apocalyptic immersion in Fallout VR, and the new generation of female protagonists in upcoming blockbuster games. Monday evening, Shrine Auditorium in LA played host to yet another unprecedented thing for comic book superhero fans, Sony PlayStation ended their 2017 E3 Showcase with Stan Lee’s and Steve Ditko’s greatest creation Spider-Man.

Simply called Marvel Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 exclusive game will be released in 2018. An extended gameplay demo during the showcase floored the audience. We got a look at just how Spider-Man will utilize spider sense, different uses of web shooters, and some pretty incredible ways to take down bad guys.  Most importantly of all, it’s got the wisecracking soul of Spider-Man in the game.

A jailed Wilson Fisk will also be a character in this story along with a gang called  The Demons led by Mister Negative. As part of Sony’s “one last thing” a post cut-scene gave fans confirmation of Brian Bendis Ultimate Spider-Man. Yep, Miles Morales will at the very least make an appearance.

Last year, Sony announced the studio behind Ratchet & Clank would be developing a game based on the wall-crawler as a mere part of Sony’s press conference. In 2017, not only did we get to see what the game will actually look like (the demo was captured from actual game code footage), but a game based on a beloved comic book character was bet on by this generation’s industry leader to close out their most important presentation of the year. A feat, not even Batman can boast. Check out the in-game and crowd reaction footage below.