It’s Pride month and there are many free comics out there by queer creators and on queer themes — in fact many of the ones we’ve already linked to here are queer themed –  it seems like a lot of the most interesting comics work being done these days deals with themes of gender and sexuality.

No End is a webcomic by two Finnish creators that deals with both a post apocalyptic landscape and a large cast that is entirely queer and includes a couple of sibling duos who have a lot to learn about this harsh world…and one another. According to the about page:

No End is a webcomic about a group of people struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic country ravaged by an unyielding winter and hordes of undead. Living amid a world of horror doesn’t erase the cast’s day-to-day worries about identity, family, friendship and betrayal, as they seek people they can trust, as well a legendary place called “Haven” rumored to be free of the cold and horror.  

Just as none of them are sure that it even exists, they aren’t sure what their place in their world is. But each step forward leads towards who they are, who they should become, and where they belong.  

Due to it’s initial inspiration from an RP shared by the creators, No End has always strongly focused on its characters – their growth, their motivations, and the bonds woven between them. The post-apocalyptic setting is used to add suspense, and to put emphasis on the character’s internal struggles. This webcomic also features LGBTQA+ themes and characters – all the characters in the main cast are queer.  

The comic update twice a week and is up to 8 chapters now with a lot of twists and turns (and art that sgets stronger the longer it goes on) .  The creators are Erli and Kromi who collaborate on story and split up art chores. According to the author’s note, Kromi,  is non-binary and in a queer relationship while Erli is just happy to be here.

DISCLOSURE: NO END is hosted on Hiveworks, which also hosts The Beat.



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