Every year, thousands of comics hit store shelves. Many of them are good, but there are always a few that are simply great. That go above and beyond to teach us more about what is possible for the medium and humanity as a whole. At San Diego Comic Con each summer, some of these comics are awarded with an Eisner, also known as the “Oscar of Comics,” for their contributions to the form.

Many titles have been nominated for Eisners this year, but not all of them have gotten as much exposure as they should have. Thus, today and tomorrow, we’ll be highlighting a number of titles that are up for Eisner Awards this year. Publishers such as DC Comics, First Second, Dark Horse, and Pantheon have kindly provided us with sample pages and in some cases, exclusive new content such as thumbnails and unused pages. Some of these books’ creators will even talk about what their books mean to them and how it feels to be nominated for an Eisner. All in all, we hope to give you a look into these talented writers’ and artists’ minds to showcase why their works really are some of the best that comics has to offer.

If you’re a publisher or creator whose book is up for an Eisner and would still like to be included in our celebration, please feel free to tweet at me and we’ll help set things up. Otherwise, stay tuned to the 2017 Eisner Nominations tag at the Beat and enjoy. You’re in for a treat.


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