You’ve probably spent endless hours playing Doodle Jump on your phone, and now you can spend a few minutes with a Doodle Jump comics, thanks to Dynamite. No details on format or timing, but at least they have an Action #1 parody.

I should mention that I’ve avoided Diddle Jump for its addictive qualities. But if there’s ever a Creeps comic I’m right there.



New York Comic-Con Announcement:  Dynamite Entertainment announced today their agreement with Lima Sky to produce original comics based on the hugely popular game Doodle Jump, as well as an art book collecting production artwork, behind-the-scenes art and photos, and other information on the making of the Doodle Jump property.

“Doodle Jump is a phenomenon,” said Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci.  “It has quickly become a new pop culture icon. We’re excited to be able to tell stories about Doodler’s world, and to shine a light on the property as a whole with our art book.”

“We at Lima Sky are huge fans of Dynamite’s comics,” said Eric Karp, Chief Licensing Officer for Lima Sky.  “We can’t wait to see Doodler leaping from page to page.”

Doodle Jump launched in 2009, and quickly rose to the top of the charts.  It is the #3 all-time top paid app, and has been a top 25 app title for over three years.  It is available on more than 3,000 mobile handheld models globally, with hundreds of millions of downloads and updates.  It is also the winner of the Apple Design Award for excellence in design, user experience, and quality.

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