Popular webcomics getting immense Kickstarters is a real dog bites man story, but here it is: Aaron Diaz has a print project for his fantasy webcomics Dresden Codak up and after a day or so it has $189,773 with 27 days to go. The initial goal was a mere $30,000. It’s already the 8th biggest comics Kickstarter of all times, and who knows how big it will get.

The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Volume 1 will reprint the first five years of Dresden Codak, along with new content. Diaz has a huge following so I’m not sure what the news is except that this will be a nice looking book.

All 10 $1000 rewards are already gone after a day. What do you get for that? A portrait of your favorite dinosaur by Diaz, a portrait of you as a Dungeons and Discourse character (the game in the Codak world) and:

GOD-EMPEROR OF CODAK: Everything in the Immortal Dragonslayer tier, plus I will create for you a personal Dungeons & Discourse character, including a full-color digitally painted portrait of you as the character and a character stat sheet (with prints of both)!

Two $5000 rewards that include a character based you are still available, kids.


  1. My take away from the Dresden Codak Kickstarter is that there’s not always a direct correlation between how often/how regular a webcomic updates and the number of “true fans” that webcomic has.

    Codak updates very, very slowly on sporadic schedule, but there’s no denying its popularity.

    Topatoco’s new fulfillment service certainly has its work cut out for it. ;)

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