Today is Voting Day! In 24 hours or so our long national hellection ENDS and a new era of constant paranoia, hate and fear mongering from one side or the other begins for the next four years.

It’s really something to look forward to.

Throughout the campaign, Nick Spencer has been one of Hillary Clinton’s firmest Twitter supporters amongst comics pros. Spencer, who has a background in politics,  pleaded with people to vote last night with a wonkish series of tweets, while for the other side, 78-year-old comics legend Jim Steranko went on a classic “my Uncle Jim” tweetstorm. While it would be fun to see the wto team up on a Captain America story….maybe not.

Although stranger things have happened.

Anyway here’s Spencer’s rampage:



And here’s the Steranko rampage:

A lot of tweeters were sad to learn that an artistic idol seems to think that illegal immigrants can simultaneously be on unemployment while stealing jobs from Americans, and doubtless joining ISIS in their spare time. But you know, no one is perfect. We can still enjoy his SHIELD covers. I hope. If Hellection has ruined Steranko’s art for me, it’s just another casualty in a needless slog through the dregs of human paranoia.


  1. I recently discovered to my horror that my local delivery man is a Trump Supporter. I cannot abide his hate, and the packages are now starting to build up on my front porch. I hope someone comes and takes them away. It’s a shame, as I believe there’s an Artist’s Edition or two in there.

  2. Jim Steranko speaks heartfelt wisdom as someone with a lifetime’s worth of hard earned experience whereas Nick Spencer comes off as a profanity-laced partisan who doesn’t care about any important issues at all but simply seeks to leverage a perceived statistical advantage.

    The responses to each is also telling: a lot of people othering Steranko out of their warren based on political views.

  3. I’m very sad to see another idol having feet of clay…

    It starts with his first point. IMMIGRATION! He should be ashamed of himself, being the grandson of immigrants himself (from the Ukraine). But that’s basically how far I read. I just can’t even with this man anymore.

    All the funny “Uncle Jim” anecdotes will now be tainted with this loathsome twitter rant: “That Jim Steranko, giving Bob Kane what-for! What a boss!” – Yes, but he voted for Trump.


  4. God forbid an individual (in this case, Steranko) should be allowed to voice his choice in the face of pitchfork carrying Clinton supporters. He wants someone who will take care of the masses financially; not special interest groups. He’s a poddy mouth… but he’s a poddy mouth to ALL. We dont need a “NICE” guy. We need a corporate CEO who will make the tough financial decisions for the betterment of the country; tough on all others.

  5. I know we’re all supposed to be horrified that Steranko (gasp) has political opinions but at least he comes off as a guy who cares about actual stuff, even if he’s utterly wrong. Is Spencer’s vacuous “rah, rah, my team should win and if we don’t, it’s everybody else’s fault” whining supposed to make him look good?


  6. @James: I don’t see anyone saying Steranko isn’t allowed to express his political views. I just see other people choosing to express theirs in response.

    The notion that being criticized is the same thing as “not being allowed” to express your opinion is petulant, childish nonsense.

    People have the right to express their views. That includes the right to criticize *other* people for expressing *their* views.

    Out of curiosity, what’s your opinion on safe spaces? Because it sounds to me like you think Jim needs one.

  7. yeah, i think i’ll pass on voting for a guy who copped to sexual assaulting a married women just ’cause he felt like it., and has the complete endorsement of the klan. (yeah, i’m sure those guys will show all kinds of restraint towards their fellow americans if this guy is elected). as for steranko. i’ve spoke with him at shows over the years, and like with anyone else, have found things i agree with him on, and found other subjects that i disagree with him. on the subjects above, i disagree with him. shock upon shock, i have no problem with him voicing his opinion, go right ahead. on the other hand i (and anyone else) have the right to disagree with him, and call him out when he gets the facts wrong. what facts? hey, do your own homework.

  8. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But those opinions are also subject to criticism, fact checking and DISCUSSION. Like, polite discussion like we had in the olden days.

    Of course Steranko can say what he wishes.

  9. I’m not put off by either Spencer or Steranko’s positions. What annoys the holy hell out of me is The Beat assuming two people from two different political parties coudn’t collaborate together on making COMICS! And I clicked on the click bait. I assumed the two got into some argument. But simply supporting opposing candidates? WTF, Beat?!? If I didn’t work with people who thought differently than me I’d never get ANY work done. Nor would the results be as good.

  10. More right-wing, pro-Trump ranting from comics fans (and one famous comics pro, albeit one who did his best work in the late 1960s). Can’t wait for this election to be over. I’m counting the hours.

  11. I still like Steranko. He’s not the first artist I disagree with on some views.

    Spencer…he was a jerk during the entire election cycle. His entitlement is the sort of thing that turned off a lot of people.

  12. I agree with Steranko 100%. I love the guy even more now. I stand by anyone’s right to their own opinions and to say what they wish. I do admire that Steranko never infused his work with his political views. That is all Nick Spencer writes about. In his work, liberal characters are heroic freedom fighters and conservatives are evil bigots. Just because he has the right to do that doesn’t mean he should.

  13. If you want to give a press release of your views, do so.

    but trying to read a bunch of 140 character (or under) posts one after another is very annoying.

  14. Nick Spencer needs to understand that all those millions of Democrats don’t vote exclusively Democrat when they do vote. I’m a registered Republican but I voted for a few Democrats and a few Libertarians on Tuesday.

  15. I liked Uncle Jim better back in 2001/2 when he was ranting like this about Garth Ennis and Amanda Connor’s The Pro being evil, the sort of evil that somehow lead to the towers coming down. He was going to form an organisation aimed at purging evil from the comic industry, and wanted us to all unite against such evil.
    So loony as he sounds, he’s actually mellowing out.

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