If the latest round of set pics and rumors surrounding Captain America 4: New World Order, or Cap 4: NWO for wrestling fans, at to be believed, then WWE Superstar Seth “Freakin” Rollins is the newest addition to the cast of the Anthony Mackie-led film. All of which means that the end of Captain America is imminent and that whatever character Rollins is playing will usher the NWO into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Well, at least that’s how I like to imagine it will happen. The reality is we don’t know what the leaked set pics mean or whether they confirm which character Rollins will be playing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on it.

Rollins is a fascinating casting choice for a number of reasons. One of them is his current wrestling persona, which borrows a lot from comics, mostly from DC Comics’ the Joker. He has a maniacal laugh that’s become his signature, and his personality has become increasingly louder. He comes into the ring with big furry coats at times, giant red boots in others, and even with flashy sunglasses that frame him as a kind of wild agent of chaos not unlike the Clown Prince of Crime. He’s bigger than life and he dresses like it, much like a comic book character.

Rollins even played the Joaquin Phoenix version of The Joker in the promos leading up to Wrestlemania. He recreated the iconic stairs dance from Todd PhillipsJoker (2019) and even met his own Batman in the form of Becky Lynch’s The BatMAN. Much like the Joker, Rollins acts on his own, for his own interests. He’s neither hero nor villain.

Also like the Joker, he’s beloved by fans. When his entrance song kicks in, the crowd chants it forcefully and fiercely the moment he walks in from backstage, and then several times during the match. He plays the crowd like his own instrument.

So, who will Rollins play in Cap 4: NWO? Here’s a look at a few characters he might be stepping into, all villains if the rumors are true.

Cobra is the one holding Cap’s shield.

1. Cobra, or another member of the Serpent Society

Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña’s Captain America run saw Sam Wilson take up the stars and stripes for a very topical story that reflected an America dealing with police shootings, acute racial tensions, and the rise of far-Right groups. Sam’s first serious threat came with the return of a villainous group called the Serpent Society, a mercenary trade union made up of snake-themed killers that deal in dirty work for the highest bidders.

They rebrand themselves as Serpent Solutions, a private service company that digs up dirt for rich corporations. Not only do I see them being central to Cap 4’s plot, I think Rollins might be gearing up to play Cobra, one of the most recognizable snakes in the bunch.

If you look at the leaked image, Rollins’ costume features a coat with large and angled lapels that could be simulating the head of a cobra. The character is larger than life and supremely arrogant, the kind that you love to hate because he spews so much poison just by talking. Rollins could easily interpret anyone in the Serpent Society, but he has a Cobra feel about him that suits the character well, especially when you consider the Serpent Society doesn’t skimp on their costume budget. Also, he’s already turned heel once, so he knows how to turn up the vitriol.

2. Hate-Monger

Fans of Dan Jurgens’ Cap run will remember this villain. He’s essentially a caricature of a Klansman, a white supremacist blown up to epic proportions that’s embraced the label of racism and elevated it into an even more extreme form of terrorism. He indulges in his hatred unapologetically and loves to give in to the theatrical, his altered KKK suit becoming a second skin to him.

Rollins’ explosiveness certainly lends itself to this kind of larger-than-life villain character. His ability to sway the crowd with wacky mannerisms and raw energy can be repurposed to project a kind of cult leader personality with potent indoctrination powers, the kind that rallies and empowers white supremacists. Hate-Monger is essentially that anyway, a cult leader that’s downed his own Kool-Aid twice over. Rollins can take a fair amount from the performances he puts on when walking to the ring with his theme song in full blast for this, waving his hands like an orchestra conductor to lead the masses into his domain.


3. Taskmaster

I know Taskmaster has already been done in the MCU back in 2021’s Black Widow, but that was an interpretation of the character that removed a few key elements from the original version. Taskmaster is a cocky assassin that mimics his opponents’ fighting styles to beat them at their own game. Rollins could fit in perfectly here. His versatility and all-around unpredictable nature already put him quite close to Taskmaster in terms of fighting style and physicality.

This would be a great chance to go a step further and reintroduce Taskmaster as he appears in the comics, skull mask and white cape included. Rollins could do a lot with this character, especially in giving him that playfully sinister voice that make his promos so memorable.

Who do you think Seth “Freakin” Rollins is going to be in Captain America 4: New World Order? Whoever it is, you can be sure that he’ll be ready to burn it all down with his performance, probably curb stomping Captain America along the way.