It’s incredible what some Disney marketing dollars will do. Marvel has been running a big promo for their Avengers/Thor/Captain America/Iron Man movie franchise gaggle where you try out to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent — they were running it in Chicago at C2E2 but it didn’t get the attention it has here in San Francisco where we were awoken this morning by someone slipping the above promo piece into our room at the convention hotel, the Marriot Marquis. 2011-4-1 13:7.png

The in-hotel channel 72 is streaming a couple of promo clips which send you to where you are greeted by the above invitation.

This campaign is more reminiscent of such Disney-funded marketing campaigns as the TRON flash mob/Flynn’s Cafe program which ran for two convention cycles.

It’s been noted that Marvel is making its first appearance at WonderCon as an exhibitor in many years — while Marvel’s comics arm remains frugal regarding convention expenditures, obviously the movie arm has no such worries, and exhibiting here at last is part of that.