Image Credit: Who Against Guns

The fan-led effort known as Who Against Guns announced today that they’ve raised over $20,000 dollars among the Doctor Who fan community for organizations committed to preventing gun violence. The total amount raised was pushed over the 20k threshold this past weekend, thanks to director Rachel Talalay. Talalay held a silent auction during the ReGeneration Who convention in Baltimore, offering autographs in exchange for donations.

The prolific and much-lauded director of several Doctor Who episodes during the Steven Moffat era reportedly raised $2,628 during the three-day convention.

The #WhoAgainstGuns campaign, which began a little over one month ago, has drawn participation from professional Whovians and fans alike, including showrunners Steven Moffat and Philip Hinchcliffe, along with Doctor Who television writers Paul CornellJamie MathiesonAndrew Smith, and Peter Harness. They, along with Doctor Who comic artists Rachael Stott, Simon Fraser and a number of Doctor Who podcasters, recorded an exclusive commentary series to pair with the 1969 Classic Who serial “The War Games.”

The effort is still collecting donations through March 31st at midnight EDT, so fans looking to participate and access the commentary for download can make a donation of $10 or more to one of the following charities:  Community Justice Reform CoalitionMarch For Our Lives, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action. Submitting a donation receipt to [email protected] before tomorrow at midnight will allow fans to download the 13-part commentary to the Classic era epic featuring Patrick Troughton.

For more information on the Who Against Guns campaign, visit their website. You can also follow the #whoagainstguns on twitter. It should be noted that the writer of this piece, Edie Nugent, is herself among those providing commentary for the Who Against Guns effort.

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